About me

I am a quantiative analyst and developer with special interests in econometrics, data analysis and modelling in Financial Markets and Trading, News and Social Networks. I have a strong expertise in statistical programming using the open source software R.

I obtained my PhD in 2014 on the topic of truncation, a particular case of data selection, in Finance and Econometrics at the University of Basel, supervised by Prof Dr Heinz Zimmermann and Prof Dr Christian Kleiber.

I have written a number of R packages and published two articles in the R Journal. I also referee manuscripts for the R Journal and the Journal of Multivariate Analysis (JVMA).

Currently, I am heading the Product Management department at financial.com in Munich, where my team is responsible for the development of product strategies in the financial sector. We heavily use R and Shiny for rapid prototyping and sketching of new ideas.

I like the collaboration in multinational research teams and I am always looking for interesting projects and contacts in data science and R. Please contact me via email or connect me on LinkedIn, XING or Twitter.

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